I did contentwriting for these websites: 

– Theater Expedition Metropolis

– Constructlab

– Trafo Transit

I also wrote this blurb for Stefan Hähnel’s amazing book. 

“In addition to its communal approach, Constructlab strives for the rediscovery of a constructive intelligence in materials and situations, enabling designs to respond to the possibilities and constraints posed by them. This requires a practice that incorporates social, ecological and temporal perspectives and an environmental awareness: using recycled materials, building with a view to future reuse, focusing on low-tech and simple solutions that promote accessibility and an openness of process. Resulting situating mechanisms involve a consideration of zeitgeist and discourse that go beyond design and construction. With each project, Constructlab tries to renew itself as a laboratory of conviviality, where a practice based on singularisation, optimisation and profit is abandoned in favour of the cultivation of a slower, careful relationship with territories and their inhabitants.”

︎︎︎ from: About Constructlab