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Theater Expedition Metropolis


Trafo Transit


bessie berlin

CMS, design and event planning? All part of the package. 

“a kebab at midnight
the toilet queue at the opera
roofs, warehouses, elevators
the fish market at 7am
sleeping bags filled with bodies (potentially human)
metro stations
kiosks & smelters & bars
behind bushes, in the park:
oxytocin and adrenaline
the para-architectural structure of the city
captured in steel and screens
amplified voices of an uncurated range and rage
Constructlab delivers:
eight square meters discursive devastation
to derange and interrupt
use it unwisely
use it to upset routines (potentially human)
liberate it
fill it
make an unruly mess.”

︎︎︎ from: MAKING A MESS, blogpost for CIVIC, Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW